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Dorothy Hood Abstract Painting 8'x11’

This painting presented specific challenges related to its sheer size.

“With a family of respected artists, I’ve been shooting paintings and sculptures for over 4 decades for family as well as, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Christie’s Auction House in New York, and various private collectors and Galleries. Precise color balance, perfect lighting, a high quality prime lens, and attention to detail are critical elements to satisfying clients in the fine art world. ” Craig Loper

Dorothy Hood, Pioneer Modernist, lived from 1919 to 2000, mostly in Houston and in Mexico. She l was a major regional artist and, some say, the best abstract painter of her generation in Texas. Hood's drawings and paintings are in permanent collections of major institutions including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Mitchell Loper, a Fine Artist and Published Photographer also understands the demands and challenges associated with accurately recording the subtle nuances of pieces such as this. Working with the Conservationists at Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation, we lit and shot outstanding photos of this beautiful piece in their Houston Laboratory.

Technical Data:

Camera: 21 Megapixel 5D Mark II Camera

Lens: Zeiss Prime 50mm f/1.4

Lighting: 4 - 1X1 Visual Buddha LED Panels – with a CRI index 94 were mixed with indirect daylight from skylights and windows.

Lee 216 Diffusion Gels

Minolta Incident and Reflected Exposure Meters

Color Attributes: Macbeth Color Chart

LightSpectrum Pro Color Temperature Meters

MacBook Pro Computer

Photoshop CS

Tripod: Gitzo Model 5 series 108” at full height

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