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Kahunas reaches 50 Telly Awards!

50 Total TELLY Awards for Kahuna Films!

We are so excited to announce 5 additional Telly Awards have been awarded to Kahuna Films making our total count 50 Telly’s! The Telly’s we have received are for excellence in programming for Broadcast and Web. Our 5 new Telly’s were produced with the outstanding Marketing Team at Sam Houston State University for a series of commercials titled “Great Names in Higher Education”. OUR AWARD-WINNING CREW…. Executive Producer: Kris Kaskel-Ruiz /Director: Craig Loper /Director of Photography and Editing: Mitchell Loper/ Cinematographer: Michael Foster/ Writing: Stephanie Knife and Amanda Coleman!

Kahunas’ Telly Awards are for our work in Broadcast and Web commercials and promotional pieces mainly in the fields of Higher Education and Historical Documentaries created for Museums and the Texas Education Agency.

Congratulations to all the talent and crew for being recognized and awarded for outstanding work!

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