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Dan Dunn Commercial Shoot

Out team recently completed a video featuring Speed Painter and Event Entertainer Dan Dun’s Paintjam. Dan painted this 6’x6’ portrait in 4.5 minutes honoring Texas History Legend General Sam Houston. Sam Houston taught at Sam Houston Normal Institute, now Sam Houston State University, starting in 1879. Dan is a Sam Houston State University Alumni and has taken his Paintjam performance all over the world, performed for our troops overseas, performed with the Houston Symphony and was featured on “Ellen”, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Superbowl Pre-Game Show, Carson Daly, CBS Early Show, & Rachael Ray.

Co-Directors of Photography Mitchell & Craig Loper covered the live event in Paintjam’s studio with 7 camera positions including one hand held and two moving cameras on dolly’s. Four days of Pre-Production Planning and one day of Pre-Lighting preceded the actual shoot day. Two versions of the event were cut in post, one :30 second piece for broadcast on Comcast and ESPN and a 1:14 version is viewable on SHSU’s You Tube site.

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